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Hussain Omer

Health Informatics

Hello, I am currently exploring this field and I want to know a little bit about the Health Informatics career in Canada.   1/ What uni programs do you have to take to specialize in health informatics? 2/ What uni programs are good for this career? 3/ what uni, in general, is good for this career? 4/ Do you have to further study or do any sort of further specialization to get a job in health informatics?

3 Answers

  1. You don’t need a specific degree to work in this field. There are people with business degrees, social science degrees, engineering degrees, you name it. Level of schooling and/or past experience required depends on the seniority of the position.

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  2. Health informatics career where you start to choose your uni education. You university education plans are good if you start to checking or to choose it when and where papersowl is here to increase your health where different informatics are mentioned.

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