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Guys can I get accepted with these marks?

Am trying to get into waterloo computer engineering, (its my first choice) my parents want me to get in and I dont want to let them down, my marks go as follows:

ENG4U: 50 (it was a hard course but my teacher passed me so I got the credit, it doesn’t matter for computer science i was told, only since/math)
SPH4U: 62
SBI4U: 68
SCH4U: 61
MHF4U: 55
MCV4U: 67 (67 the second time, I failed this course the first time but I improved)
TEJ4M (comp eng course): 74
Music: 70

I have extracurriculars such as participating in online gaming shows, dont know if that matters.
I think am pretty good at computer engineering (i got a good mark on it), can I get accepted to waterloo? I was thinking of signing up for university of toronto but its been my parents dream for me to attend waterloo since its got a good reputation.

Thanks in advance.

7 Answers

  1. In case your being serious… no you can't. CS at waterloo has mid 90s admission requirement. you wont be able to get into any engineering at those marks, but you might get into an arts program at select universities. (check algoma and windsor)

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  2. Sorry to break it to you lad, but you have no course above a percentage of 75. The majority of programs on here require high 70's to mid-to-high 90's! And for the record, for most universities you must obtain a minimum mark of 70 percent. I'm sorry.

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  3. Same sentence. If you can’t even do some basic researches you shouldn’t even be going into university.

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