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Guelph Biomed vs Western Med sci

I got accepted into Guelph Bio-Med and Western Medical Science and I am having a lot of trouble deciding where to go. I’m not as concerned as which program is easier. However, I am a bit concerned that Guelps does not have many wet labs (in bio and chem) which is something that I enjoy, not sure if this is true but what I heard from a friend. I’m also a bit concern about the environment in western, I have been told that it can be kind of toxic. What school would have more support that would be offered to their students? I’m also a bit worried that Guelph focusses heavily on animals in their bio courses, is this true? Any input would help.

4 Answers

  1. What are your long-term goals beyond undergrad? You can’t do much with either of these degrees besides get an entry-level job as a lab tech. For the upcoming fall semester, you likely won’t have any in-person classes so if you care about doing labs, then you should probably defer a year. UWO is known to be a party school, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to get drunk and go ham. There’s thousands of students in university, there aren’t cliques like high school. Animal bio and human bio are separate branches, you do realize that, right? As far as endowment per student, UWO’s is higher, if that’s what you’re asking about support for students.

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  2. Hey there! I’m just finished my 1st year at Western for med sci and a few weeks ago I did an ask me anything where I answered questions about med sci and explain why I chose it! Check it out and if you have any extra questions, I would be more than happy to answer them 🙂

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  3. Having attended Guelph for my undergrad (BSc) and Western for my MSc, I much preferred Guelph. Many people I have met at both Guelph and Western who attended both universities, also shared the same sentiment. The environment at Western is much more toxic. In the biomed program it is particularly bad, students will sabotage other people’s experiments in wet labs and in general do absolutely anything to get ahead of others.

    As for wet labs, Guelph has lots of opportunities! No less than UWO.

    Also wanted to add, if your end goal is medicine, I would highly recommend doing a program that makes you happy (and will make you stand out from other candidates). You can take the prerequisite courses in other programs as your non-degree requirement courses or you can just take a prep course and bypass those all together.

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