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Guelph Bio med and Queens Health Sci

In the future, I would hope that I can go to med school. I am stuck between two choices. Queens Health Sci and Guelph Bio med. I was wondering if you tried equally in both courses witch one would be harder to get a high GPA. I also know that you need quite a high average to get into queens and I would need to raise mine if I wanted to go there. would Guelph still be a good program for a pre-med if I can’t get a high enough average? Are these averages correct for getting into the programs 86-89: Guelph 91: Queens

2 Answers

  1. They’re both science programs, neither is easy to get good grades in. Just go to the one that interests you most. It would be a fallacy to think that one would be empirically easier than the other.

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  2. Queen’s health science is a new program and no one has graduated from there yet. No one has also gone to BOTH Queen’s health science and Guelph biomed. There is no point in speculating here. And get rid of this idea of “pre-med” because the only “pre-med programs” in Canada are Queen’s Quarms and McMaster health science. I know people who got into med school with commerce and computer science degrees. Are they pre-med as well?

    Have a backup plan. Health sci and biomed are useless degrees. I know someone with a life sci degree from U of T working customer service at Value Village.

    Save your money and just pick the cheaper option.

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