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Witty Fool

Grade 12 Summer School Curriculum Online

Hi Everyone, I was wondering what the summer school curriculum for grade 12 entails in Ontario. My English in regular school is alright and is within the range of high 80’s to low 90’s. What mark can I expect to get in summer school? If anyone with experience in grade 12 English in summer school in Ontario can tell me what books were read and what type of activities took place, it would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for my naivety as this is the first time I’m summer schooling a course and am a bit nervous. Thanks for the response.

2 Answers

  1. It’s English, dude. It totally depends on the teacher. Not all summer school teachers are the same. Just because someone got a 90, that doesn’t mean every summer school teacher will give out the same grade. Also, since it’s English, grading can vary widely. It’s a crapshoot no matter where you take it.

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  2. Don’t stress it, just go in and try your best is all I can say. Your range sounds good so you should be fine. I never took summer school english but I had a friend who took it and did well despite minimal effort. Just don’t slack off and work like you would in a regular school class. My first (and last) time summer schooling anything was advanced functions, and though I’m no bright light in math I got the mark I expected and was fine with, would have been higher too if not for the exam. TLDR: you’ll be fine, there may be challenges but you can do it.

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