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Grade 12 Courses / University Advice? (Thank you in advance!)

Hello! The time to register Grade 12 courses is coming near. I would appreciate if any of you would be willing to revise my course selection before I submit. My goal is making the Ivey Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO). If I am grateful enough to be accepted, I plan to register in the six-year Honors Business Administration (HBA) / Juris Doctor (JD) dual degree. I have chosen intensive academic classes (AP) based on my strengths – English and French. Similarly, I have downgraded AP courses I am not comfortable with, specifically only Advanced Functions / Calculus. I tried my best to balance the courses as best as possible. In such consideration, my courses are: *AP = Advanced Placement* *UY = University / Academic*
  • AP English (Unknown Semester)
  • AP French (Unknown Semester)
  • AP Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology (Semester 1)
  • AP Psychology (Continued – Semester 2)
  • UY International Law (Unknown Semester)
  • UY Business Leadership (Unknown Semester)
  • UY Academic Functions (Semester 1)
  • UY Calculus & Vectors (Continued – Semester 2)
Is there any glaring issue with my course selection? Any advice or course or stigma in particular to any of the courses? Anything else that I should know – possibly from Ivey / Schulich / Queens / Rotman students themselves on useful courses? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Your answers help many high school students like myself on a brighter path for the future. Cheers!

2 Answers

  1. If I understand correctly, AEO status not withstanding, neither the HBA or JD are direct admit. You need to first complete 2 years of an undergraduate program first and maintain an 80% average before you can proceed. What program are you planning on doing for those 2 years? Depending on that choice you might consider swapping Data Management for Adv Functions/Calculus since all that is required is 1 grade 12U math course. If your math abilities aren’t that strong this might be a better option. I would also only recommend you take 7 courses, not 8, especially with your AP load. Another question is what do you hope to accomplish by taking AP credits and how does your school handle assessments for those courses? Will they give an advantage or risk pulling down your top 6 average?

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  2. First of all, AEO status means nothing since it’s contingent on your performance in your first two years of undergrad. Any program is fair play, so you could literally study women’s studies or electrical engineering and they wouldn’t care since it’s GPA dependent. Also, you might not be able to transfer over all AP credits with a 4 or 5 on the exam to first year depending on the school’s policy, so it might not be worth taking so many.

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