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Grade 12 Courses

Hi, I just received my grade 12 courses today and was wondering if my first semester is too hard. I want to get into engineering. First Semester: chem 11, english, advanced functions, physics 12 Second Semester: Religion, Data, Chem 12, Calc Can anyone give me advice on whether it’s going to be hard first semester. Thanks  

4 Answers

  1. If you’re going into engineering, it’s pretty much what you’re forced to do. Some people don’t even have the luxury of going to a semestered school and are forced to juggle 8 STEM courses simultaneously. Good luck in university if you think you can’t handle three hard courses in one semester.

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  2. It looks like a stressful first semester to me. I would take chem 11 in summer school to get that out of the way. Also, not all engineering programs need data as a prereq. If it isn’t a requirement for you then I would drop data. Also, you haven’t specified what type of engineering you’re interested in? You need to research the course requirements for your specific type of engineering and take only the required gr.12 courses for it.

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  3. Lol as hz said in Uni you’ll be doing 6 stem courses at a time. These semesters look easy to me. An example of my first semester in UofT’s Engineering Science: Classical Mechanics, Praxis I, Structures and Materials, Engineering Mathematics and Computation, Computer programming, and Calculus I. This adds up to nearly 35 hours of class per week.

    This may seem a little harsh, but if you can’t handle thst that first semester you’ll be crushed by Uni.

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