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Grade 12 Course Selection Please Help!!!!

Hello everyone, I am a grade 11 student. I had Chemistry (SCH3U-91%), English (ENG3U-86%), & Co-Op (COOPM-92%)= Last semester. This semester is helllaa harddd (Bio, Physics, Functions, Law). I currently have like a 92% in Law, 75% in Physics(currently in Kinematics), 90% in Biology, and 82% in Functions. I’m going into Nursing(my final decision): so I don’t need to take Physics next year(I’M REALLY WEAK IN PHYSICS, ANYWAYS). Next year, I plan to take: ENG4U SCH4U SBI4U MDM4U MHF4U SNC4M (I’ll take it e-learning, if anyone has experience doing this course online, tell me how it go). HFA4U Spare Spare Are my choices good for nursing? I really wanna get my current marks up in Maths, and do better in Bio. Do I have a chance to get Early Admission for Nursing? What marks do they consider for Early Admission? I really wanna get in Ryerson, do they accept Summer School courses? Should I rake a bird course to replace one spare(I’ll be left with one spare). Please let me know. Thanks & Regards, Kevin

2 Answers

  1. Nursing only needs 1 math. I promise you advanced functions is so much easier than data management. Data management is very tedious, and it might have a poor affect on ur other courses if ur doing bad in it, so I say drop data management. I also recommend taking kinesiology, u will be memorizing bones and muscles, and learn a bit of some biochem which will help u in the biology4u

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