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Grade 12 Chemistry

I have been hearing that grade 12 chemistry (university level) is a very difficult course. Teachers have been scaring us about it. I am taking it next year and I would like to know how grade 12 chemistry is like from a student’s perspective. How was your experience with chemistry? What did you find easy/difficult? How were you successful taking the course? And what advice would you give to those taking it in the future? Thanks in advance

1 Answer

  1. So with chemistry in our school, the teacher is very chill. He explains stuff in a really easy way but also isn’t strict with marking or tests. But on the other hand our english and math teachers are known for ‘not wanting kids to get high grades’ as it ruins their morale or something like that, i know its weird. But anyways it really just depends on the teacher sometimes, how he/she teaches the course. So I’ve grown to like chemistry and the only regret I have is not doing it like everyday for homework that wouldve gotten me a high 90 but now I’m sitting at 93/94. Not saying thats bad, the point is even if you have a strict teacher, if you do your work everyday and are ahead of the class you should’nt find it too difficult. If chemistry is your weak subject then just ask lots of questions, trust me thats much easier than going home and trying to learn it all yourself. Hope the advice helped

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