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Grade 12 Biology: Retake?

Hello, I just finished taking grade 12 biology in grade 11. I ended the course with an 88%, which in my opinion isn’t the greatest of marks. I choked on the first test of the year (80%), however I got my act together for every remaining assignment (100% on everything). Due to quarantine, there weren’t many assignments to counteract the low mark plus the summative/exam was cancelled; hence the low mark. For reference my grade 11 marks were: 96 Biology, 97 Physics, 96 Chemistry, 99 Math, 88 English, 92 Music, 97 Band(counts as an M course). I was wondering If I should retake the course in Grade 12 as I feel like its an outlier compared to my other marks, and honestly I feel like I let myself down with the mark. I find biology to be one of my favorite classes and I’m disappointed one low mark was able to tank my overall mark so much ;/. I would be thankful for any feedback on the matter.

8 Answers

  1. Dude, no. You finished the course with an 88 and you wanna retake it to hopefully get what, a 99? What would be the purpose of that? Focus on your other courses and get them as high as possible. You can get into the majority of programs, even the most competitive ones, with high 80s. Also, keep in mind the average grade in university courses fluctuates in the C to C+ range. No one in their right mind repeats a course they got an 88 on.

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  2. It’s gr.11, nobody even looks at them except for early acceptance, and looking at your marks no program that has early acceptance will reject you (extremely prestigious programs don’t have early acceptance). Take a spare or something, your marks are already really high and I’m sure many people have lower marks and probably are fine and happy. While I understand the number is important, looking at your percentage and making decisions solely on that is kinda a bad idea.

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  3. Did you bother to even google the admissions requirements for the programs you are interested in applying to? The vast majority of science programs in Canada require 70s and 80s to get in. Just what programs are you applying to that requires mid-high 90s (the answer here is probably none)? I’ll give you insider scoop so you can be prepared for university. The vast majority of students that come into uni with 90s drop to 60s and 70s. You are no longer prone to grade inflation once you get there. I remember all my life sci friends hyping up their mid-high 90s in high school, and fast-forward a few years, none of them made it into medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc., and most just graduated with a 4 years Bachelor’s degree and started working in near minimum wage jobs unrelated to their field of study. Your 88 in biology mark is the least of your worries. High school is a joke and they throw 90s like charity now. Back when I went to high school, the top students in the class had mid-high 80s. Now students like yourself whine about not getting perfect 100s. What you should really concern yourself with is post-secondary. Having an 80% average in university puts you in the top 10% of your class. In order to get into medicine, dentistry, and many other health professions, you need marks in the top 1-5% of your university class. You need a backup plan because most students fail to realize these goals. You should be career planning here, not wasting your time whining about an 88% mark. Your marks are good enough to get you into every program you will apply for, why does it matter? Start career planning asap. A science degree is useless in the job market if you don’t pursue further schooling. I would be more concerned about that than converting your A grade to an A+ grade.

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  4. Honestly, I’m in the same boat as you. I just got a 91 in Biology 12 but a 98 in Biology 11. Even though there is a difference, its not worth retaking it just to get either the same mark or higher than in Biology 11 (that is difficult). Be proud of your mark, its an A! Plus, biology 12 is a tough subject and almost all the content is different than in biology 11. Focus on your upcoming grade 12 subjects and dont stress! (at least thats what im trying to do lol)

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