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Grade 12

I am in grade 12 now, and almost 1 and half month passed. My mark is Advance function 71. data management, physics 59, and computer science 80. I messed up first test, but after quiz and test are getting better. Is it possible to get 85 in this semester? if i try hard

2 Answers

  1. Of course it’s possible, but if I understand your question correctly, what you really mean is if it’s “realistic.” If you’re already doing so poorly in the beginning of the semester, why do you think that your marks will drastically increase given that it’ll only get more difficult the further you progress? Sometimes you just need to swallow the bitter pill and acknowledge your true abilities.

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  2. Of course it`s possible. If you are applying for such estimates, so not vain. I can assume that you were just worried about the test. In any case, the situation can be corrected. Good luck))

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