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Grade 11, Need Advice and Tips

I just began grade 11 while I have a fast food job on the side where I only do 4 hr shifts 2 days a week usually Friday and Saturday. Anyway my courses this semester are: chemistry, English, physics, and world religions. They’re all university courses. So basically even though school just started, I’m struggling with physics like everything is so confusing and I’m afraid i’m gonna fail the first unit test which is coming up soon. As for the other courses, they are not too difficult, its just the workload that’s getting to me.I want good grades so i’m thinking of quitting my job, what do you think? Also, if u have any tips for any of the courses that i have, especially physics, or just advice for life or time management or anything in general please let me know. Thanks.

5 Answers

  1. Try asking your teacher for help. When I took grade.11 physics it was pretty hard I tend to read the textbook and do problems to make it easier.

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  2. That's a pretty poor excuse that you're leveraging to try to justify your academic inadequacies. Working 8 hours a week on a Friday and a Saturday isn't a sound reason for doing poorly in physics. There are kids that work 20 hour part-time jobs that still end up getting into engineering. You should probably acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses instead of trying to mask them with something else completely unrelated.

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  3. Yea, there are students in science, math and engineering programs, many with dependents to care for and part-time/full-time work, who still perform well. Working 8 hours on weekends doesn't justify you failing physics and struggling to balance a basic Gr.11 courseload. There are 24 hours in a day – 48 hours in the weekend. Even if you worked for 8 of those hours, that leaves 40 hours to sleep and do homework. 
    Admit it to yourself that working on the weekends is probably not the problem here; you're just struggling with Gr.11 sciences, and if this continues, you know you probably should not be taking sciences in Gr.12 and going into a science program in post-secondary. 

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  4. for stress management, first of all, you need to have a piece of mind and pin-drop silence place to manage your stress i hope you got it

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