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Grade 11 marks for admission

I am hoping to attend either UofT, McGill, or UBC for political science or international relations. However, I have had some struggles with my mental health in grade 10 and 11. I am particularly concerned about my ENG3U mark (51%) and other grade 11 marks, which are, 3C math (66%), grade 11 law, taken in grade 10 CLN3M (84%), social science, taken in grade 10 HSP3U (70%) and Travel and Tourism CGG3O (85%). I do however have 2 4U credits, Canadian and international law, which I took semester one, grade 11 (91%), and Economics CIA4U (86%), in online summer school. My mental health has stabilized in recent months, after getting help, and I expect to get high 80s to low 90s in the rest of my 4U/M credits, and I think I can get my 4U average to around 92%. My question is, will universities hold my grade 11 marks against me for admission. (especially ENG3U) I currently have ENG4U, in the second semester. By the time of first-semester OUAC grade submission, I will have 6 4U/M credits. Will this help admission, since I took things early?

3 Answers

  1. Grade 11 marks don’t matter Uni’s won’t look at them, maybe if you were applying to engineering or comp sci a 51% would cause issues but for poli sci and int relations I’m sure it’s fine… I’m not even sure if uni’s get your gr 11 marks if you already have all gr 12

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  2. No one cares about grade 11 in Canada, dude…you can literally get all 50s from grades 9-11 and only do well in grade 12 and get into every school, that’s how mediocre our country’s post-secondary admissions system is.

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  3. Yes but you won’t get in on the first round in January. I was just accepted in Jan 2020 based on one gr. 12 mark final, and rest was my gr. 11 marks. I only had 3 gr. 12 mid term marks. They said in their letters my acceptance was due to my excellent gr. 11 marks.
    I had an 86 % average. (BComm)

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