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Grade 11 Courses??

Hi, I’m going to be in grade 11 next year and just recently got my schedule for the following year. I was wondering if my schedule was balanced since I’m a little worried that my first semester will be too much to handle since English is usually my lowest grade. I was planning on switching French (French immersion) and English but wanted somebody’s opinion. Here are my courses for the next year:     Semester 1: Physics (U) Lunch Chemistry (U) English (U) Accounting (M)   Semester 2: French (FI/ U) Functions (U) Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology (FI/ U) Lunch Biology (U)   Thank you so much for the help!

1 Answer

  1. I completed grade 11 with pretty much the same courses. Your first semester will be very difficult. To put it simply, physics is theory+ complex math, and grade 11 chem is theory + simple math (for just grade 11). Even though these courses are similar in structure, they are math based which means you will not only memorize numerous equations, but memorize the way you need to use them (this is a difficult skill to develop quickly). I highly suggest to switch either physics or chem with biology to balance your schedule. Don’t worry about moving the other courses because they aren’t as difficult.

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