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Gr. 12 courses for Psych (BA)?

So I am planning on applying to Psychology (BA) programs for universities next year (My number one school is University of Guelph btw). I am currently in grade 11 and have to soon choose my courses for next year, I am aware that the only courses for this program that are required are English and 5 other U/M courses. I am here to ask what other courses I should take that will help me when I do make it to university for Psych. I am thinking of taking Bio and a math, but I am not sure if I will really need it as it not a requirement. So will taking bio and math increase my chances of getting in? So if anyone could offer me some advice on what to take based off their own experience or what they’ve heard about Psych courses? That would be great! Thanks! (I posted this question before to but forgot to ask if it improves my chances of getting in if I take the recommended courses too instead of just the required)

11 Answers

  1. Uh, no, it doesn't increase your chances of getting in, dude. The prereqs are there for a reason. Just because you take bio and data, that doesn't make you any more special than someone who took all gender studies electives and got a 99 average.

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  2. I recommend you take Data Management, It won't help with admissions but it will help give you a running start for when you have to take stats. Other than that, English, and any other pre reqs, take whatever courses you will do the best in.

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  3. Just take the pre reqs for psych, bio is not easy and it'll just bring ur average down, trust me (science student here). Take "easy" electives ur school offers so ur overall average is high.

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  4. If your plan is to do research in psych, I would recommend data managment and computer science. Knowledge from these areas has become extremely valuable for psychology graduate schools. If you're not sure whether you want to be "research intensive," I would prepare for that route just in case. My sister studied psychology in Guelph and complained about the lack of courses and quality of choices in the program. I'm a psych student at Queen's, and I can say that the program I'm in prepares you much better for stats and research methods. I would take this into consideration because it would benefit you in the long run.
    Best of luck!

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  5. OP one other thing you might want to consider is that even though you are planning to do a BA in Psych, it's still a social SCIENCE. What that means is that you will need to write psych labs and that is a completely different skill than writing humanities essays. If you don't have much experience in writing scientific lab reports, it might be worthwhile to take Biology. Also taking Bio and Math will keep open your option of doing a B.Sc. rather than a B.A. A B.Sc. generally offers more areas of study than a B.A. (like cognition which is a really hot topic right now especially with the boom in AI). A B.A. mostly leads to counselling only and not research.

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    • As a BA Psych student at Western, this is untrue. Many Psych courses that you can take are even 100% multiple choice, and I have encountered 0 lab report writing (having taken Grade 12 Bio in high school). In the BA program you are likely to encounter writing research papers, which is more like an informational essay. You would introduce the topic of study, your hypothesis, your methods of testing your hypothesis, and the results of the data. You can 100% do research following a BA degree, there's plenty of interest in topics that don't require the same science background the BSc does, such as industrial/organizational psych.
      I can recommend data science as statistics is nearly a given (it's mandatory at Western), but Calculus you would never have to take unless you choose to, and I recommend against it. I took Grade 12 Calculus, got a 99 average, a level 5 on the AP exam, but dropped Calculus 1000 because I got a mark of 75 on the midterm and knew I could do much better in other math courses. 

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  6. so what everyone is saying is right. but dont take really easy courses just to bring up an average. take things that will help. being in uni as a BBA student, i can tell you that data management desnt help that much. i have so friends in psyc and they took data in high school and said it helped but not fully. go ahead and take data but i 100000000% recommend  taking calc. that is what is gonna help most. i have to take stats and yes data management wouldve help a little, however, i took calc in grade 12 and managed to get a 90% in the calc class this past sem. i havent taken any psyc courses but from what my friends in the program said, they wish they took calc when they had the chance to get ahead. but, if you can, i suggest taking data and calc.

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