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Gr.12 Advanced Functions for Nursing??

Hey guys. I’m going to gr.12 and plan to go into nursing at the following universities: 1. Ryerson 2. Queens 3. Western 4. Ottawa 5. Brock 6. McMaster I’m trying to decide whether I need to take Advanced Functions since all the programs require one 4U math except Western which is 3U math. I’m not that great at math. I got 83 in gr11 functions. I have already taken data management in summer school and got 95. Is taking Advanced functions necessary and will it affect my chances of getting in to the program? Others have told me Advanced functions will help open up more options but I have decided that nursing is what I want to do. If anyone who knows or is a nursing student right now could answer this question I would really appreciate it.

4 Answers

  1. No, you don’t need to take Advance Functions as it won’t increase your chances in any way. Data Management is already good for what you want to do. However, talk to a nurse or someone and ask them if taking functions helped them in university.

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  2. Unless the program specifically indicates that adv. func. is a requirement, then no. You can just take data as that will also qualify as a 4U math course.

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