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Going back to school? Hybrid or ONLINE??? Opinons pls?

Hi everyone, For anyone who’s also in high school in Ontario, what are your thoughts on going back to school in September? My school has the option of hybrid-learning (2-3 times a week and online on off days) or fully remote online learning at home. I’m going to be honest I’m leaning towards online because I find it kind of scary going back to school during the pandemic. I also learn well personally online so I’m ok with that. Can I also get your opinions or decisions? Maybe also state your grade? Thank you!!!

3 Answers

  1. I think in part in depends on what grade of high school you’re entering and the types of courses that you’re taking. Someone going into gr. 9 or 10 won’t have to worry as much about their academic performance in terms of the future consequences compared to an entering senior. Also, if you’re taking science courses where labs are an important component of the curriculum, online may not be as beneficial for your learning. But yeah, as long as you’re disciplined and don’t goof off, online should be fine. I mean, I don’t get why anyone would only show up at school a couple of times a week and then do the rest online. You might as well just complete everything at home given the caveats that I just mentioned.

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  2. If ur going into grade 12 I recommend doing the hybrid option, one reason is, u may get horrible teachers from doing online since they will be unknown, u don’t wanna mess up ur senior academic performance as they matter for uni and stuff. If ur in grade 9-11 it really doesn’t matter if u do online or hybrid. Also, some people like to learn better in a classroom environment so it really depends on u, online does have some risk. but keep in mind u do have the first week of school to change options if u don’t like the one u end up picking.

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  3. The reopening of schools should be in line with the overall response to COVID-19 that is being implemented in each country to protect the health of students, staff, teachers and their families. We are waiting for a decision from the school, but in any case, I will be happy to return to training, online or offline

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