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Girls/partying and frosh at McGill

I know this is a weird question but at frosh do a lot of people usually get really drunk and hook up with others. I have a feeling that the girls at McGill are goody goody and don’t like to hook up with guys cause they aren’t into that stuff and are more focused on their academics. Also what is the girl to guy ratio like there?

4 Answers

  1. My dude, both hookup and drinking culture are HUGE at McGIll. (We have like 6 different weeks throughout the year literally dedicated to drinking: frosh, carnival, e-week, science games, etc.) Frosh is a lot of fun because the drinking age is 18. You can definitely find people to hookup with if you want to (but also, by no means does everyone have causal sex during frosh, if that's not your scene that's also nbd). I have no idea what the guy-girl ratio is, I'd say approximately 50/50?

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  2. Bro you dumb, are u for really goin to one of the first universities on canada yo hookup? man they should burn you down and throw you and people like you. Bro u can hookup everywhere focus in the true goal of goin there jezzzz

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