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Getting into Western Health Science with a bad chemistry mark??

Hi everyone,
I’ve applied to UWO Science and health science, and for both of these programs, chemistry is not required and you only need calculus, english, and one science. 
However, on their website it says that chemistry is a pre-requisite for first year chem courses.
Does that mean they’ll look at your chemistry mark, or you only need it in order to take those courses?
My top 6 will include english, bio, calculus, and advanced functions, with an overall average of 90%+. What are my chances?

5 Answers

  1. The real question you should be asking yourself is why you're going into health sci if you're bad at chemistry, and what you're going to do with a useless health science degree. Chem and bio are the two most crucial subjects for this program, and if you suck at high school chem, you won't last long in university. The other bird courses raising your average to a 90+ are irrelevant once you get to uni. There will be a lot of chem in the program, and certainly you'll be tested on it on the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, OAT, etc. Good luck bud.

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    • Thanks for replying. But the thing is, I don't think I'm actually bad at chemistry. This year, I had a bad case of senioritis and didn't touch the textbook once. I also never studied or did any of the homework. Our tests are set up with mostly long answer questions and 10 multiple choice, and the MC is actually worth nearly the same as the long answers. Despite not studying, I've gotten nearly perfect on all the long answer questions, but did badly on the MC since it was theory based questions that you'd only know from reading the textbook (which again, I did not do). This caused my mark to drop and I currently only have a 79%. Also, the other courses in my top 6 are all academic courses such as english, functions, calculus, bio, and physics, so I wouldn't say they're bird courses. My question simply asked if they would look at my chem mark. I didn't ask for life advice, especially considering you know nothing about me. But thanks anyway bud.

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    • Don’t worry about anything tfm says, they’ve graduated long ago and are bitter about not receiving a lot of scholarship money- probably because, as you can see, they aren’t a great person and would be filtered out of any application process worth their salt. Health Science degrees aren’t necessarily useless, and i’d encourage you to do research on future career paths and not get discouraged about any salty people. Good luck 🙂

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  2. If as part of your program you need to take first year Chemistry, then you need grade 12 Chemistry as a prerequisite to take the course but since not all programs require first year Chemistry (it depends on the major e.g. Math doesn't need Chemistry) it's not a prerequisite for admission to the faculties. Since it is not a mandatory prerequisite for admission to the faculties it's not a mandatory course required to be included in your top 6. 
    The prerequisites for Health Science are English and Bio so provided you have 4 additional U/M courses with marks higher than your Chemistry mark then it won't be included in your top 6 admissions calculation.
    The prerequisites for Sciences are English, Calculus and 2 of: Advanced Functions, Data Management, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Space Sciences, or Computer Science. So provided you have 2 other courses from that list with higher marks than your Chemistry mark (eg. Bio & Adv Functions), AND you have 2 more additional U/M courses with higher marks than your Chemistry mark, then it won't be included in your top 6 calculation.
    That's the whole point of taking more than 6 courses in grade 12 so that if you have one course that is particularly low (and it's not a prerequisite for admission) you have an alternative course to take it's place in calculating your top 6.

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  3. Don't worry im applying to health sci at western with the EXACT same problem, except my chem mark is worse lol. But i think im the same as you, we can do better if we try harder.

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