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Get in Waterloo Mechatronics with low marks in Grade 11 yet very high marks Grade 12?

My grade 11 marks were mostly high 80 – low 90s. As well my physics mark was a solid 80. In grade 12 I’m really getting my act together and getting high 90s already. I know that for Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering at Waterloo takes the advanced functions (MHF4U) which I got a 90 in. With my other Grade 12 marks we are looking at a final 95 average for my 6 program prereq courses. Are my chances of getting into the programs ruined because I messed up in Grade 11?  

6 Answers

  1. Contact the department directly via email or phone. No one here will know the answer to this as we are not on the admissions committee. Further, this information can be directly found on the university website itself under their “how do we determine admissions” section.

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  2. No, only your grade 12 grades matter for admission. The admission team might just see it as a lack of consistency however.

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