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For Politics Philosophy and Economics are accounting courses useful?

I’m planning to go to Queens for politics philosophy and economics with a focus on econ and was wondering if I should take grade 12 accounting or drop the course?

7 Answers

  1. No high school courses, besides English, Statistics, and Calculus, will be useful for your program. Math for economics and how to compile research data. English for how to write an essay because philosophy and politics is all essay-writing.
    Do you even know anything about the program that you're going into?

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  2. If you want to take grade twelve accounting simply to learn about the basics of accounting, sure. But if you dislike it or want to take another course to raise your average, you wouldn't lose out on much in terms of it helping you do well in PPE. 
    That being said, basic accounting knowledge is probably beneficial for most people at one point in their life, so learning a bit wouldn't hurt.

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  3. It is best to complete the course because it will be a plus in the future for you.

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