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I was thinking of applying and was wondering if anyone knew what the min average is? Also, is it hard to study?(how many hours per day? lots of tests? Is there a lot of memorization to do?) I’m just worried abut the academic aspect of it as I have no idea if this may be the right program for me as I’m not the best at math and don’t enjoy bio that much(had an 80 and I tried my hardest). What sciences/math do you need to be good at, are the classes hard, anddd is it easy t make friends or not? is there diversity?
Thank you!! 

10 Answers

  1. Don't worry, it's an easy program. All you have to do is eat a bunch of exotic foods from around the world and you get 100 on the exams. Also, #DiversityIsOurStrength.

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  2. If you tried hard and could only pull off an 80 in high school biology then you shouldn't be going into a science program. The average student experiences a 15-25% drop in their average when they enter university. My friends with 90+ grades in their high school math and science courses were struggling to get B's and higher in university.

    You will be required to take biology and chemistry courses. Some of the specializations also have math requirements. You've answered your own question in your post. If you're weak at math and don't enjoy biology (and also aren't that great at the subject), then ask yourself how much studying and commitment you have to put in compared to another student who is good at math and science. 
    You shouldn't be going into sciences at all in my honest opinion. But, then if you think you'll suddenly gain an interest in biology and improve then that's your call to make. Otherwise, think carefully before you dive in and spend tens of thousands of dollars for this degree. 

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    • Thank you for replying! And you're right, but what if I start enjoying the sciences suddenly as you say may happen ahah. What average should I be looking to get then? 90's or…?

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    • If you didn't post with your real name I'd assume you to be a troll. Going into debt for a piece of paper is no joke. You're making it sound like it is. What if you suddenly gain an interest in sciences? What if you suddenly turn into a genius pulling 80s and 90s in university? What if..What if..What if… Is this really how you want to start off your post-secondary education? I'm not the person who commented above but there is sound advice. You said you tried hard but could only manage an 80 in HIGH SCHOOL biology. Do you think you're going to suddenly start pulling off 90s in university? You're willing to bet thousands of dollars on that? You work hard and get the highest marks possible, but if you're already lacking in a core high school science course pursuing this subject in university is a terrible idea. It gets much, much harder in university. 
      Switching program in uni is also much harder than getting in from high school. Your transcript also stays with you for life and it cannot be erased. If you somehow end up switching out or dropping out after first year sciences, employers and graduate schools will still see your university transcripts years down the road. You won't get a clean slate. High school is a joke but math and science foundations should be taken seriously. University concepts build off of basic high school concepts. Your nonchalant uncaring attitude is unsettling and not unique to just you but a lot of high schoolers and even university students. This is why student debt is at the highest level in the country as most grads have no job or crappy jobs that have nothing to do with their field. We also have one of the highest university dropout rates in the world. 
      Take your future seriously. Even if your parents are paying for your education, take their money and your time seriously. 

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  3. In ways you are definitely right, but the thing is I did not want to be that detailed with my questions. I should have first of all explained that I do a lot of extra curricular activities  and have a ton of volunteer experience, Instead of being at home studying all my semester classes which are ALL sciences and math I'm busy taking care of my grandma everyday. So, I have no way of knowing how much my grades would have been if I didn't have a hard semester or the extra responsibility. I am paying for my own education and have already saved up a decent amount. Also, thank you for your opinion. What average/grades should I try to aim for then? what do you think? I am retaking the classes to get better marks so I want to have set goals

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  5. Hello! It is nice that you are interested in such a job because it is quite actual nowadays, I think. To be honest, I don’t know well about the min average here, but I believe that it isn’t very hard to enter it because I’m studying in the same university but in another region. If you’ll enter it, here you can read nice information about cooking meat and some scientifical aspects of it.

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