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First year of Community College, wanting to transfer to Ryerson

Hello, I currently attend a community college and only after a couple of weeks, I do not feel comfortable with the program I chose (I am in my first year). I do not mind finishing a year of the program. I am however very interested in a program at Ryerson, but the problem is I do not have the highschool grades for University (I took college courses in highschool, albeit I have some university/mixed courses in there). My question is, if I apply to Ryerson, would they base my admission off of my College grades, or do I still need six u/m highschool courses to get in? The program I want to get into is Business Technology Management. I looked around on the internet and so far some people have said that I only need U-math and U-English highschool courses for BTM and I could take them through ILC. Some others say I do not need any highschool marks at all and they base it off of my college cGPA, so I am a bit conflicted here.   Any help is appreciated!

2 Answers

  1. Call Ryerson TODAY! AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! They will know more than the people here on UThink

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  2. Once you enter post-secondary, high school marks become irrelevant, period. Get your college grades sky high and then transfer at the end of the year. If your GPA is in the dumps, then you’ll basically have no option but to either finish your current program or drop out.

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