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First day of Art Fundamentals

I’m a future college freshman going into Art Fundamentals at Seneca College in Sept 2018. Seneca has resources on how to prepare for the first day, like getting my ID card, how to get involved in student life, etc. But no one has told me what I should bring on the first day of classes.

My first day will consist of two classes: Colour Studio I and Drawing I. They’re both lectures. But do I need art supplies? Will the instructors tell us what to bring on the first day?

I will definitely be bringing notebooks and writing utensils. Anyone have any advice? It would be awesome if past Art Fundamentals students saw this and answered.

Also, there is a one-hour break between my two classes. What do I do during that time? Just hang out? I’ll probably walk around campus to familiarize myself, but anyone have any suggestions?

1 Answer

  1. Lol, Grace. This is some nonsensical fine arts program. I'm sure if you just show up with a few paintbrushes and colour palettes, the profs will automatically grant you a 4.0.

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