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Feedback on Media programs

I would appreciate any feedback on the following programs for Sept 2018. I enjoy the creative arts including drawing, writing, media design. Like most I’m not sure what career I will eventually pursue so I want to be exposed to a program exposing me to a variety of practical courses, with a good university experience. 

Laurier digital media and journalism Brantford (currently looking as my preferred choice)
Laurier user experience design Brantford 
Western media, information, technoculture
Queens film and media
UTM/ Sheridan communication, culture, info, technology
McMaster multimedia

Thanks for any comments. 

7 Answers

  1. Clearly, you didn't even bother to do much research before applying because Ryerson is one of the best schools for their media arts programs. They have industry connections to some big players in the field. Instead, you ended up applying to some mediocre programs at Mac, Western, and Laurier that are a waste of time and money. Most of the programs that you applied to are theoretical and offer no practical skills that will help you get a job. They don't have connections to the respective media and entertainment industry either, except for Sheridan. 
    Ryerson and Carleton are the best Journalism schools in the country as well. You didn't apply to either of them.

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      I kind of expected to get a response like this but was hoping the OP would be mature enough not to. 
      Look, I don't know who "we" is or if you are a student or a parent. You specifically asked for FEEDBACK on the programs that you applied for, and I gave it. I am someone studying and working in this field. 
      You must be one of the few on this forum who gets a kick out of telling others where they went wrong because you know so much more or you just enjoy putting others down.

      Grow up, seriously. YOU asked for feedback and I gave it. If you couldn't handle truth and honesty, then continue to live with what you think you know, and don't ask questions like this online. You should be thanking me for telling you all this now, rather than finding out once you've thrown actual money at these schools and entered the job market. 
      You applied to crappy programs if your goal was to enter the media industry or find employment. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you otherwise. What you should be doing is changing your program selections, and seeing if it would still be possible for you to apply to a better program. Instead, you sit there bashing me for actually giving you advice and insight into the field that you say you want to go into. 
      Again, grow up. I have held two summer jobs at CBC and Rogers at their main headquarters in the media relations and entertainment divisions. I don't need some high school kid to throw a temper tantrum because they can't handle a dose of realism. I have friends and know people in the programs that you applied to. Most of them are having trouble finding jobs, and regret going into them, to begin with.

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    • In response to your comments, we did look at the programs at both Ryerson and Carleton, as well as speaking with those university representatives and a campus tour at Ryerson. We did the same for a number of other universities as well. Application decisions were based on this.  You are obviously familiar with this program area but shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement. You must be one of the few on this forum who gets a kick out of telling others where they went wrong because you know so much more or you just enjoy putting others down.

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    • +1000000000000000
      Why even bother advising high schoolers on this forum? Most of them just lash out when they read something that they don't like, and call you rude, negative, loser, someone who likes putting down people online, a cyberbully, etc. These children have no backbone.

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  2. After thinking about and reading the comments above several times I would like to apologize for my response. You did take the time to give me feedback; it just wasn't the feedback I expected given the time I took to make the choices I did.  Again, my apologies.

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