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Failing out of university out of province, is readmission into a university realistic?

My grade 12 average was 97% out of my two best sciences, calculus, and english. I am from BC and I applied to Carleton University because I was interested in Aerospace Engineering. I’ve attended for two years but decided to take some time off because I’m not sure if I want to continue over there. The reason being is that I’m completely alone from my friends and family which has led me to becoming very unmotivated and borderline depressed. In the two years I attended, I only completed 7 of the 20 courses I attempted. I know this is a lot to unpack so I’ll boil it down to two questions:
  1. Will I be able to apply to UBC with my highschool grades? (I completed highschool in 2017).
  2. Do I need to specify my Carleton University attendance? On the UBC website it lists that for transfer students with over 30 credits, which I am, will be admitted based on their post secondary grades alone. I however don’t want to transfer and simply want to start fresh, because my grades at Carleton University were fairly embarrassing. Also I believe my high school grades might warrant a scholarship.

1 Answer

  1. 1. Nice try, but that isn’t how things work. Once you enter into university, all your high school grades become irrelevant. If you choose to hide your university record, you are committing academic dishonesty and that could get you expelled.
    2. Yes, it’s mandatory. No such thing as “starting fresh” unless you’re talking about going into a new program and not having any of your completed credits at Carleton transfer over. Your university transcript will follow you to your grave, there’s no such thing as wiping the slate clean once the chisel has etched the stone. And you can forget about getting a scholarship based on high school grades. You should be thanking the Gods if UBC would even consider you with failing university grades.

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