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Failed a grade 11 course

So, pretty much, I went to alternative school for grade 11 and i failed english (uni) and got a 20% in law. If I make up for english in summer school will universities care? I’m talking big universities – waterloo, uoft, macmaster. The thing is, legit all my marks are in the mid to high nineties (and they have been since gr9) but this year i messed up. I’m going to get my credits on time (if i finish english in summer school) and my math+science average (gr11) is HIGH. In chemistry, biology, physics and functions my average is 97.

4 Answers

  1. Lolwut. How can you fail English and get a literal 20 in law? I wouldn’t be aiming for university programs if I were you. If you can’t even pass high school English, writing essays/lab reports, etc. is going to be a death sentence.

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