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What’s everyone’s thoughts on exchange programs? Personal experiences, costs, practicality in timely degree completion, full yr vs semester?

4 Answers

  1. Complete waste of time. Just finish your degree and dip abroad on your own vacation time. No one goes abroad to "study." It's just an excuse to go clubbing while pretending that you're hitting the books.

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  2. I also think it's a great idea if you can manage it. At the very least it will help you develop confidence and resilience in dealing with unfamiliar environments.  Most schools will run information seminars about their programs so you can find out more about them. It wouldn't hurt for you to get more details as well as see what the costs might be and options for funding.

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  3. I think this is a great opportunity for everyone. You can practice a foreign language, improve your time management and communication. Also, you will get financial support and this is a big plus. Here at you will find a big list of exchange programs. So just pick the best one for you.

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