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Essay on Manipulation (help)

I am looking for a good essay sample on Pop-culture as the best tool for social manipulation, but google gives me millions of custom essays for sale which I don’t need. The topic of my essay is “The power of manipulation” and I’d like to include a paragraph about pop-culture because it influences the world and society strongly. I’d be grateful even for small parts of the text I can use as a reference.   Thank you.

14 Answers

  1. What? You’re asking people on here to write you a sample paragraph that you could then pass off as your own? You realize that is plagiarism, right? How are you going to write papers in university if you’re struggling to write one in high school?

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  2. Can you do something on social media influencers? If you saw the Fyre Festival documentaries, that would be a very pertinent topic. Or you could do a case study on Kylie Jenner. TIME Magazine just wrote a big piece on her because she became the youngest self-made billionaire, ever — 100% based on her pop-culture presence and influence.

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