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Environmental engineering- Guelph, Carleton or Waterloo?

Hi all,

I was really hoping that some current students or knowledgable people could help me make a really tough decision by providing any opinions, insights or information possible.

I am having a lot of trouble choosing between Guelph, Carleton & Waterloo for Environmental Engineering (Co-op). 

Thanks for any replies!

6 Answers

  1. Troll Post. Who gets into Waterloo for engineering and turns it down for Guelph or Carleton?

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  2. Ranking is not everything. I got into queens and decided to choose Guelph because i loved it and i could see myself there. It doesn't matter what the schools rank is if you cannot see yourself being happy there. If you hate it your not going to succeed so go with your gut and go where you love and where you think you will be happy. at the end og the day, an iron ring is an iron ring – doesn't matter where it came from.

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    • Sigh. Have you applied for jobs or worked in the field yet? 
      at the end of the day, an iron ring is an iron ring – doesn't matter where it came from.

      Of course, it matters. Are you telling me that an engineer who came out of Lakehead will have the same opportunities as someone who came out of MIT or U of T?
      Look, you're talking about perceived personal happiness, but how do you know where you will be "happy" if you haven't stepped foot into university yet? Rationally speaking, in terms of job prospects and opportunities alone, there is a difference between Guelph and Queen's engineering, just as there is a difference between Waterloo and Carleton/Guelph engineering. To say otherwise is frankly a lie. 
      School rankings matter if people in the industry and prospective employers care. They don't rank personal happiness. They rank schools based on reputation, caliber, and opportunities. People from Asia and India reject top schools there to come study engineering at Waterloo. If you want to believe this "iron ring is an iron ring" nonsense to make yourself feel better, that is your choice to make, but stop lying to other students and misleading them.
      – An engineering student with 3 coop terms under his belt and actually know about the industry.

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    • ^
      LOL, someone with 10 years of experience as an engineer is on a high schooler/ early undergraduate student forum? What a load of bullocks. 
      OP, I'd encourage you to reach out to engineers and employers on LinkedIn. Message companies and ask if they differentiate between Waterloo and Guelph graduates. Your school becomes irrelevant after 10 years in the field, but the career progression of a Waterloo engineering grad and a Guelph engineering grad will differ. Don't fall for this – "everything is the same and viewed equally by employers in the field crap." You will START with the best opportunities coming out of schools like Waterloo, and while someone from Guelph can reach the exact same position, they will have to work harder to reach the same position that a Loo grad did with less effort.

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    • 2nd year Guelph eng student here.I worked in industry for 10 years.  I don't have a clue where all the engineers I've worked with got their rings, but they all came in assuming they already knew everything there was to know.  Certainly nothing to learn from a tradesman actually doing the work their whole life.  I would have preferred Waterloo; you're right, its a better school, more extensive coop program, and for people right out of highschool, that's a pretty big difference.  I don't frankly care because I have 10 years in a very relevant trade, but without that, I would probably care a little more. 
      More than anything though, choose the school that doesn't put that ridiculous "I'm an engineer, therefore I know all the answers" attitude into it's students, because nobody likes that person and its bad for the profession.  I'm not saying anon above is that guy, but attitude matters.

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