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Environmental Engineering at Guelph!

I haven’t heard anything from the University of Guelph and I am stressing out – May is almost finished!! I applied to Environmental Engineering, has anyone heard anything?? Help a girl out please!!

2 Answers

  1. My average is lower than that, it's an 82.6%. I submitted an SPF, I do a lot outside school. But I still haven't heard anything from Guelph so I am beginning to panic!

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  2. Don't stress.
    What was your entrance average?  I know some people that got in to Guelph with 86's a couple years back.
    Also, know that this is the hard part.  Sure, engineering is a lot of work but once in, you can let your average slip to normal levels, you'll have a whole team of people doing the same work you're doing that will help you, as well as a whole campus of support staff.  You'll get to learn calculus from Matt and/or Kim, the two most charismatic and kind profs I've met.  The first year profs are generally all pretty good, no major surprises or traps.  Except for the one prof; you'll find out second semester. 
    Regardless, best of luck. 

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