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Hussain Omer

English Mark in Summer School for Waterloo

Hello, I finished grade 12 English in summer school with a 89%. My concern is how much would Waterloo penalize me for its Math Faculty programs? I finished Grade 11 English with a 75%. I know that’s a huge jump in grade 12 so how much would Waterloo penalize me for that?  
  • This is what Prof Bill Anderson said about summer school:
  • “In practice, this will mean that if a required course was done at summer school, we will look at the difference between the Grade 11 and Grade 12 results.  If they are reasonably consistent (say within 10), then no adjustment is likely.  If they are dramatically different we will apply an adjustment that removes much of the advantage.  So for example, with a Grade 11 English grade of 65%, and a Grade 12 summer school mark of 95%, we might adjust the score so that the Grade 12 mark only acts like a 75% when calculating the rankings”
  • My question is would my mark act like a 85% like the example prof Bill Anderson gave? Its a 10% increase from 75% and I think that’s what the professor did for his example, he added 10% to 65% making it act like a 75%

1 Answer

  1. Sigh…first of all, you are applying to math. This isn’t some liberal arts program where you’ll be writing endless essays. English isn’t what they’ll be putting emphasis on when evaluating your application. Second, the 75 is in gr.11 English, not gr. 12. Gr. 12 marks are what they are looking at. Plus, a 75 is a B. How is that bad? If your other courses make up for it, I don’t see why it would pose much of a problem. I think you’re really overthinking this. Undergrad isn’t as competitive as you think it may be, especially when the school and program you’re applying to admit a lot more people than what you’re making it out to be.

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