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Engineering Admissions

Hi. I’m a Grade 11 Student who’s interested in applying to UofT and Waterloo computer engineering. My grade 11 averages weren’t that great, somewhere in the neighbourhood of high 80s. My high school is not semester based so if I apply to these schools near January (when my term 1 marks come out) and the marks are near mid 90s, will I have a chance in getting in? I heard somewhere that in order to get into UofT you have to apply early so I was wondering if that was also true. Thank you!

2 Answers

  1. Waterloo Engineering does not give out early offers and U of T Engineering most likely does not either (or at least not many). You will most likely have to wait until May to find out if you have been admitted. By then they will have your term 2 interim marks and will use those to make a decision.

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  2. Contrary to what was previously said, UofT does in fact have a deadline for “early admittance”. I believe some time in late December; however in most cases they will wait until they’ve received final marks for your first semester. In your case I guess they’d go off your midterm marks. “Early” is subjective, but there is no reason to procrastinate about your submission. That is what I did and look where that got me. Trust me and complete your application as soon as they open. Why wait?

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