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Ebbis Hall

I was wondering if anyone knows or has heard anything about Ebbis Hall (an all-girls residence in Toronto on Sherbourne St). It kinda seems a bit strict with rules but I need housing and the prices are not that bad compared to everywhere else in Toronto but when I was reading the reviews they kind of freaked me out, saying that it was a really unsafe area and that they had a few break-ins and food was always getting stolen and I was wondering if anyone could attest to that because there weren’t many reviews so I’m not sure how accurate they are or if someone could just tell me a bit more about the place.

4 Answers

  1. Um, why would it be unsafe if it’s an all-girls residence? If a rapist wanted to walk through the doors, he would be reported immediately for trespassing for having the wrong genitalia. There’s nothing to worry about.

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  2. i think you should go to some other residence where personal safety is number one.

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