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Early Admission- UBC question

Hey everyone. I’m a grade 11 student going into grade 12 in September and was planning to apply for early admission for arts. I was just wondering if I apply early, will they only be looking at my grade 11 marks? (I’ve also done a few grade 12 courses) Also how much percentage can I drop that won’t make them revoke their offer (my worst fear lol). My overall average right now is around 96%.. Thank you and would appreciate any help!

3 Answers

  1. Yes, early acceptance is mainly based around your grade 11 marks, once they accept you into the program you will be given an average in grade 12 to keep up to guarantee your spot. The average to keep up is actually usually pretty easy to keep up considering how well you did in grade 11. Good luck!

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  2. Early admissions don’t really mean much because all of the offers are contingent on your gr. 12 performance. I would focus on your year ahead instead of what you’re already accomplished.

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