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Early Admission

Hello everyone, Please help me out. I’m planning to apply for the 4 year BSCN program, at Ryerson-GBC/Centennial collab, York-Seneca Collab, Ontario Tech/Durham collab, and Humber College. I currently have Data, Chem, Health Sciences, & Nutrition and my average is near 90. My first question is: When do early admissions start? What day does it start and when does it end? I know equal acceptance applications deadline is at January 15,2020. But what about early admissions? Second question: What marks do uni consider? Is it all top 6 marks from grade 11? For example, I’m applying in late November, (would they take my 4 grade 12 midterm marks (we get midterm marks in mid-November), and 2 from grade 11). Third question: Out of all these collabs I’m applying to, which uni considers early acceptance? Please help me y’all. Hoping to hear from some of you, soon. Thanks & Regards, Kevin G.

2 Answers

  1. There is no standard timing for “early admissions”. Each school/program handles admissions differently and might make offers anywhere from December to March. Most early offers are made after grade 12 1st semester marks are received in either February or March and may depend on which courses final marks are available for. You might find specific details on the admissions page of each schools website. Another option would to post on the relevant schools’ Reddit page or you could contact each schools’ admissions department directly. How top 6 averages for early admissions are calculated also varies by school and program and depends on how early “early offers” are made and what marks are available at that time. The general rules are:
    1) Grade 12 marks trump grade 11 marks. Grade 11 marks are only used if there is no grade 12 mark.
    2) 1st semester grade 12 mid-term marks are not used as they are not submitted by OUAC to the universities.
    3) The more selective the program for admissions the later they are likely to make “early” offers if they make them at all.

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