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E-learning chem

Hey everyone, I had a question regarding grade 12 chemistry through e-learning in the summer, I’m taking the course through TDSB in their August session. I wanted to know how are exams going to work, what’s the general workload. And what’s the toughest unit? Sorry for all the questions, but I’m hearing that gr.12 chem is the hardest course in high school, and I want to make sure I made the right call taking it online. Thanks

2 Answers

  1. Usually, the final exam would take place in-person at an exam centre near you where it would be proctored by a teacher, but because of the current circumstances, it’ll likely be conducted online where you’ll be timed but also likely open book since they have no way of monitoring that. Just like most other math and science courses, you’ll need to do practice problems and consistent studying to keep up, especially since it’s condensed into a one month timeframe. Taking science courses online is usually a bad idea because you miss out on doing the labs, but that’s not really something you can control right now.

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