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Dropping a summer school course in Ontario

Hi guys, I just wanted to know if dropping a summer school course before the mid term report card comes out will still still result in a W on the transcript. Whether it does or not, if I drop the course and retake it during the school year again, does this then show up as an actual retake ? Meaning the universities see a second attempt ? I hear Waterloo and UofT engineering penalize this heavily, so I’m quite concerned.

2 Answers

  1. If you’re doing poorly in high school STEM courses, you may want to question your motivation for pursuing an engineering program.

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  2. Specifically why you are you willing to drop the course? Is it because of the teacher, do you not like the course, or are you not doing well?

    i have taken a summer school course before and I don’t recommend dropping the course, unless you’ve only completed a few days. This is because universities penalize second attempts, especially to drop a course and retake it in the year. The admissions team would question your judgment and academic resilience. When you were applying for the course, you should have made sure it was the right choice so that dropping the course was not an option. Due to the negative impacts this has on your academic record, i suggest completing the course in the summer.

    It would be even worse if you are taking this course because you did not do well in the previous academic year, and you were forced to retake it in the summer school, which a uni will also take into consideration.

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