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Don’t waste time applying to engineering programs if your goal is to work in the GTA

If Engineering is your true calling in life, and your willing to relocate for it, go ahead and apply

But in 2015, there’s hardly any engineering scope in the GTA
Hardly any manufacturing either

I would say only software engineering would be good if your goal is to stay in the GTA

Traditional electrical engineering, mechanical, chemical, and even civil jobs are hard to find in the GTA especially for graduates

My electrical engineering friends from Ryerson who graduated last year couldn’t find jobs despite having decent GPAs. One had to relocate to USA to get entry level work

Other friend who graduated with a 3.6 GPA civil engineering from Ryerson still has no work despite graduating last year in June. He’s volunteering now

Electrical Engineering friend at Waterloo, 95 average coming out of high school a few years back. What is he doing for his last coop ? Computer repair lol

I was also thinking about going into electrical engineering last year when I was in grade 12, just like many of you are.

I got into good programs for electrical engineering, but 2 weeks before June 1st (the uni date to accept offers) I decided to go into Uoft Computer Science, where I would get coop and specialize in software engineering

I read this official report, and said screw engineering. Read Page 11:

All in all, don’t buy into the notion that engineering is where the money is at. Perhaps if you move out of Canada, yeah, but in the GTA, you will be lucky to get a job (Only 30% of Engineering graduates worked as engineers/engineering managers according to that study)

Good luck

14 Answers

  1. +1

    Only on this forum is engineering hyped. People are more realistic about it on all the other Canadian student forums I have come across online.

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  2. I'm not in SE at Waterloo and I've had pretty fulfilling co-ops for the past 2 years, and I'd say my co-op experience has been pretty average at best when compared to my peers. I worked in the GTA for 4/5 of my co-ops.

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  3. Ahem don't waste time applying to engineering IF YOU DON'T LIKE ENGINEERING

    I'm a first year in the waterloo math/bba program and a lot of my engineering friends went into engineering just for the money/job security and they are absolutely miserable.
    The same applied to many of my math/cs friends.


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  4. Why are they miserable ?
    If its cause of the workload, that's understandable. At UofT, my roommate who is really passsionate about software (into hackathons, startups, development) is stressed out over the workload of the courses.
    If they are in CS and hate what they are studying, that's bad.

    But workload ? That's uni life lol, senioritis wasn't shit compared to uni ahaa

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