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Does U of T treat online course marks differently when you apply?

I’m interested in applying to U of T for math and economics, just economics, or statistics. The admission requirement is just Gr 12 English and calculus & vectors with an average of mid-high 80’s. So far my average is at 83%. I know I have to bring my marks up quite a bit so I want to take easier courses for next semester, but most of those courses are full at my school. 

 I’m considering taking online courses instead. But before I sign up for those, I’m just wondering, does U of T treat marks of courses taken online differently? 

 Also, is the admission average really mid-high 80’s? Or is it like Waterloo where it’s so competitive that it can go up to 90’s?

2 Answers

  1. No, U of T won't care if you took online courses. Yes, depending on the supply and demand, the admissions average may very well go into the 90s. These are competitive programs with high dropout rates, so they want to make sure that only the best students are accepted. Getting in is the easy part, so be mindful of that, as you won't have the option to take all online bird courses in university.

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