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Does Med Sci look at your advanced functions grade?

I’m going into grade 12 in September, and I took advanced functions last year and got a 91 (which is ok but not really great), partly because I was slacking off second semester. I know western’s med sci program says they only need calculus but I’ve also heard that they look at your advanced functions mark when calculating your average, since it’s a prerequisite to calculus. Should I retake MHF4U in grade 12? I’m quite certain that I would be able to better, but I don’t know if it would be worth the hassle.

3 Answers

  1. Unless it’s part of your top 6, it’s irrelevant. Just focus on what you need and don’t bother with the fluff.

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  2. If it’s not listed in the required courses then it isn’t required to be included in your top 6. You have the opportunity to use a course with a higher mark to boost your admissions average (unless of course your Adv Functions mark is part of your top 6).

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  3. Honestly, it is not worth retaking advanced functions. Really it is not. You got a good mark and many people don’t even get that. Just aim to get perfect in Calculus. once you are in grade 12 and have to deal with the stress and pressure of everything, you will soon realize that getting a 91 is amazing.

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