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Does Grade 11 Matter?

The title says it all. Does 11 matter? Will universities be looking back at grade 11 when you apply? What should current grade 11 students be working on right now to ensure success in grade 12 and university?

4 Answers

  1. Not really…just pass. Whether you get 50s or 90s, it’s irrelevant. I failed over half my courseload in grade 11 and got 90s in grade 12…got into all the schools I applied to.

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  2. What do the admissions requirements for the programs you want to apply to ask for? (Hint most programs only look at grade 12 U/M courses but some specific ones will look at grade 11 marks).

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  3. When you’re applying on OUAC, your grade 11 marks and grade 12 marks are visible to the universities. HOWEVER, grade 11 marks only “matter” for early admission. In grade 12, in semester one, your final grade 12 marks get sent, and your midterm and final marks get sent second semester. If you want to know which programs specifically look at your grade 11 marks, it’s something that needs to be researched 🙂

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