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Does anyone have any advice on how to focus?

So basically whenever I try to work on an assignment my brain just melts and I can’t seem to focus at all. It literally takes me 10+ hours to finish a one page paper. I tested high consistency with adult ADHD but do not have the money to get an official diagnoses (and I need an immediate solution) so that might be why. Also, if anyone know how and why my brain just stops working every time I go to write a paper and how to stop that from happening that would be greatly appreciated. I’ve already tried: – scheduling times to study – setting a timer for twenty minutes or half an hour to study before I can take a break – healthy diet – exercise – listening to music – clean environment and a good study place

8 Answers

  1. Have you tried Adderall? I can usually maintain 18 hours of consecutive concentration on one dose.

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