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Do you like to watch a movie?

tell us about your favorite movie

10 Answers

  1. I’ve never seen anything more beautiful than Kimi No Nawa. Music, visuals, plot. Everything’s close to perfection imo

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  2. Fifty Shades of Grey. Nothing beats violent BDSM and teeny bopper dialogue. The plot and backstory is also nice.

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  3. Of course. I know no person who wouldn’t love watching movies. The same is about listening to music. By the way, not long ago I bought an STB for Android TV over here and I got so many channels I haven’t had before. Now I try to watch at least one film a day and thankfully there are many options.

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  4. Of course, everybody likes watching movies or at least, most people enjoy it. So, when it comes to me, I prefer to see the good quality of the picture and that’s why I always read reviews on TVs. This is why I decided to buy Samsung UN50MU6300. I just read about it

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  5. Yes, I like to watch various videos. I usually watch joke videos or adult videos. I especially like adult videos. I look only here cloudbate. It helps relieve stress and cheer up. Who also loves aesthetic sex videos? Probably all people have ever seen such films. This is exciting. On this site you can watch only in the best quality. That’s cool, right?

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  6. Once upon a dealpool is my all time favorite movie, and I remember how it’s ticket was expensive and I was student that time, so I and my friends bought the ticket from couponcodify and we received 30% off on ticket plus we got free popcorns. After this, whenever i have buy anything first i check it’s discount on coupon codify then i buy anything,

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