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Do I need grade 12 Calc for bio major?

Hey y’all I’m in grade 11 now and I’m wondering if I need to take calculus next year. I want to go into a bio or related (health care, nutrition etc) undergrad program in Ontario. I’m for sure taking Advanced Functions and if I were to take Calculus and Vectors as well I’m pretty sure my average would drop considering my strong suit isn’t math. Some schools I’m interested in require calc, some don’t (35:65 ratio maybe?)  Should I take it? Will I end up doing catch up in uni if I don’t? I really don’t want to take it if I don’t have to. My average this year will end up around 87-88% with functions standing at 81% for reference. (Also– i love bio and it’s pretty much the only area where jobs seem interesting to me, but if I think chem is uninteresting and math is hard, am I royally fucked up??) Any answers are appreciated thanks.

2 Answers

  1. 1) If some of the schools you are considering require it then obviously you can’t go there if you don’t take it.
    2) If it’s not a prerequisite then your mark won’t be included in your top 6 as long as you take at least 7 courses.
    3) If you’re going to need to take calculus for your program of choice but it’s not a prerequisite for admission, often times there are options to take the equivalent to grade 12 calculus in first semester of first year, but that means you are now paying tuition to take a course you could have taken for free in high school.
    My advice would be to take grade 12 calculus but make sure you take 7 courses so it won’t drag down your admissions average.

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  2. Most sci programs require you to take calc to get in, so yes, by default it’ll be required. But even if it isn’t, you’ll likely have to take it in the program if you’re studying bio, there’s just no way around it.

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