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Hussain Omer

Do I have a good shot at competitive programs at Canadian Universities based on my grade 11 marks?

Hi, I know grade 11 marks do not matter for Canadian Universities, but based on my current performance I was wondering if I have a good shot at programs like Computing and Financial Management at Waterloo, Computer Science at Waterloo, Computer Science at UofT…etc.   Grade 11 Marks  
  • English – 75% (will improve by grade 12)
  • Commtech – 80%
  • Visual Arts/Computer – 96%
  • Chemistry – 89%
  • Functions – 83%
  • Accounting – 98%
  • Entrepreneurship – 100%
  • Computer Science – 98%
Overall Average is around 90% (It will hopefully improve by grade 12 to mid 90s)

2 Answers

  1. Why don’t you ask after your first gr. 12 report card comes back? Everything at this point is pure speculation. Things can change drastically. Just because you do well one year, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll attain the same grades the next.

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  2. Well, your math and english marks are quite low. You should try get your math marks in the mid-high 90s, and english at least 88+ to be competitive. For CS and CFM at Waterloo, they look at performance in math competitions, so you most definitely should participate in them. As well keep in mind, apparently at UTSG (Uoft downtown campus),there is a unofficial requirement of a 90% in english (it was only rumored by applicants since no one on the reddit thread got in with under a 90, so don’t rely on it, however do keep it in mind). Other than just try to achieve at 90+ in all of your top six marks if possible.

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