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Do I have a chance getting into UW AFM?

Hi, I’m currently an Ontario grade 12 student interested in AFM. I’m taking English, Chem, Phys, Cal, and international business this year. I’ve finished Bio (97), Adv Func (96), and business leadership (96, online summer school). Will likely finish with 94~95 average (top 6). My ECs are translator & proofreader at Khan Academy, choir both in school and outside of school, and member of music council. I’ve done Pascal in grade 9 (probably top 25 percentile and school highest, not sure though), planning to take Euclid this year. Do I have a chance going into AFM? Also since I don’t really have a “favorite” program, are there any other programs that I might have a chance in? Any help or tips are really appreciated.

2 Answers

  1. You’re anticipating an average in the mid-90s and you’re asking if you have a chance? Really?

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