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Do high school courses taken during the summer after graduation count towards university course prerequisites or even admission prerequisites?

The main question I have is if courses taken during the summer after grade 12 count towards university courses (meaning you could skip taking some additional courses in uni).

2 Answers

  1. Uh, no. Why would high school courses count towards university credits unless they’re AP courses? Also, how would summer courses count towards university admissions if the deadline to accept is in June? Makes no sense.

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  2. They will count as course prerequisites but obviously not for admissions. As an example many courses will require 1 Calculus course to be taken in first year with 12U Calculus as a prerequisite or else you have to take an equivalent course in first semester. If you didn’t take 12U Calc during the school year but take it in summer school it will count as a prereq so you can skip having to take the equivalent course. This is actually a good choice because summer school is free but if you have to take the equivalent course in university you have to pay to take it (ie part of your tuition). The same often happens when schools require 2 of 3 sciences for admissions but all 3 sciences as prerequisites to first year courses.

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