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Do grade 11 marks matter when applying to Canadian Universities (UBC, UofT, McMaster, Waterloo)?

(Going to start Grade 12 in September 2019) My grade 11 marks: Functions: 80% Biology: 87% Chemistry: 86% Physics: 83% English: 82% ICS: 84% Computer Engineering: 85% Accounting: 91% (Top 6 grade 11 u/M courses average ~ 85%) If I manage to bring my top 6 average to about a 90-93% in grade 12, would I have a good chance of getting accepted for regular/normal admissions for Computer Science or Health Science programs at UBC (University of British Columbia) or UofT (University of Toronto)? I’m really stressing out about my grade 11 marks since they aren’t where I would want them to be.

6 Answers

  1. No, dude. Grade 12 is what matters. All you need to do is pass grades 9-11.

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  2. Only your grade 12 marks matter. Check the specific program you wish to apply for to see how the application process works. You can do this by searching a university’s list of undergraduate programs and reviewing the application process for a program. Meeting those standards are crucial, especially for rigorous programs like health sci., engineering, etc. I suggest you take time to review which programs you will apply for, study smarter in grade 12, and wait for your application results to arrive after you apply.

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  3. They have no significance UNLESS you are doing early application. And that’s a very big unless. In that case, they can only rely on most of your grade 11 marks anyways.

    Otherwise, they look at only your grade 12 marks.

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  4. YES, Grade 11 marks matter. Especially for early applicants and students who take grade 12 classes in grade 11. You seem to have taken a lot of your core classes in grade 11 and don’t have the strongest marks. Big universities like UofT and UofBC definitely have a preference and the competition when it comes to accepting you based of grades. While your average doesn’t have to be the best, your average should be well above 90% for a program like CompSci or HealthSci. I would say apply and work hard on the application essays, take classes to increase your average and get a lot of community volunteer work that makes an impact. Use it in the essays, you might just get accepted.

    I found some more info here, you can check it out.

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  5. The answers on this [url=]question[/url] must be useful!

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