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Didn’t take any maths or sciences in grade 12

I didn’t take any maths or sciences in grade 12 because these courses I tend to fail at and aren’t my best strong suit. I took courses focusing on law, history, politics etc. Now I feel as if I have limited myself to any good future university degrees and careers. What are some majors I can take that don’t require sciences or maths and can potentially be successful in life. Right now the only career path I can think of is studying political science and going to law school. I feel hopeless.

8 Answers

  1. Without math or science, you’re basically limited to going the liberal arts route in university which are largely unemployable. If you aren’t a STEM person and don’t want to gamble on law school, I’d suggest the trades. You basically finish within a couple of years with minimal debt and you’re set up with a great in-demand careerpath ahead of you. Law school acceptance rates are less than 10% and you’ll be saddled with over 100k in debt after four years of undergrad, so keep that in mind.

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  2. I’m thinking of taking one math course in a private school so I can look into business courses.

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  3. Social work, teaching, law enforcement, government public policy (requires a master’s degree to realistically get in) are some options. This is a topnotch program with strong government placement rates – Also, if you are not bilingual, learn French. There are many practical college programs you can look into as well.. Don’t waste money and time on a university degree without a plan or purpose. You’re better off doing a 1-2 year college diploma in something practical and entering the workforce right away. Also, high school math and sciences are an absolute joke compared to uni. Business programs all have math requirements and you cant buy your grades in uni. Think very carefully about whether you really want to waste all that time and money, only to end up dropping out in first year. Even if you do manage to stay in, you won’t be one of the top students in your program, so will only get the mediocre jobs. You really want to start your career off on a low note? Whats the point of being bottom of the barrel in a field you are only going to suck at. Unless you do marketing or HR, you need to be good at math for most business fields, and all the top business professionals I know are strong in math and went to top tier business schools.

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    • Also, you need high grades in undergrad and a good LSAT score to be competitive for law school admissions in Canada. Seeing as how you suck at math, you really wont do well in undergrad to be competitive for law school. You really need to stop chasing things you suck at, and actually pursue realistic options that will actually get you somewhere in life. The ultimate goal is working and making a decent salary, right? Well, there are tons of college programs that will allow you to do this. Heck, you could just do a social work degree and make 40-60k as a social worker which is good enough for most people. But dont fool yourself into thinking that just anyone can go to law school. There is a reason why doctor, lawyer, dentist, investment banker, etc. are so highly coveted in Canada. Most people can’t do it.

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  4. You really should have taken a look at the requirements for which field you wanted to enter when you picked your Grade 12 courses. I am not the best at math but I still picked it because I know it is a necessity for what I want to do in the future. If you are truly feeling hopeless and think you can manage math with a tutor or something, I would suggest emailing your guidance counselor ASAP about dropping some courses in September and trying to replace them with the maths/sciences. Just be warned that this is not a guarantee and chances are the classes will be full. If they do turn out to be full or you still have some courses that you want to take, you should then speak to them about taking these courses through night school. Since night school is a lot easier than regular school, just remember that it will NOT adequately prepare you for the university level equivalent of the subject. If everything fails and you are forced to take your current subjects, talk with your guidance counselor about potential career options, post-secondary programs, and employability. Good luck.

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